Pistachio green in Murcia New tram line in this city in the south of Spain with equipment from mmcité Geometrically shaped and fresh green shelters from architects Mirallese (Emilio González Miralles), Yaga (Miguel Ángel Marín Yago) and Beldy (Fuensanta Carmona Belda), developed and supplied by mmcité, have become a clear landmark on tram line 1 in Murcia. The difficult task of the technical development – from details to prime quality production to assembly within a short time – was successfully...   Aureo shelters at the Paris airport Charles de Gaulle One of the most important European airports is now enjoying the decorative Aureo shelters from mmcité If you decide to travel from the CDG airport in Paris to the city centre by bus, you cannot miss a series of shelters installed right on the external ring of Terminal 1 in Roissy. The buses carry loads of travellers from all over the world and one of the first things they see on French soil are these simple, thoughtfully shaped Aureo shelters with their distinct side silhouette. They were upgraded...   KUC Zlín Eva Jiřičná home One of the most important projects in Zlín over the past decade and a new landmark in the city – the Congress and University Centre (KUC) by the world-renowned architect and Zlín native Eva Jiřičná could not escape the interest of mmcité. For this innovative and, as expected, technically demanding building, we provided the most prominent features – the steel façades, including the crown-like...   River Park Bratislava A comfortable vista, right on the Danube Beside the Danube River, with a view of the floodplain forests, yet only a few steps away from the centre of Bratislava. This is the new River Park urban development, in which mmcité’s products are a part. For the promenade of the modern, multifunctional complex along the riverside below Bratislava Castle, which was designed by the renowned Dutch architect, we have provided Miela park...  

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