Keep calm and ride on! september 2020 The need for free and fast movement around cities has led to the development of a network of cycle paths, and, in turn, supplementary furniture. Bicycle racks have become functional sculptures, objects that blend with their surroundings while also giving them a whole new purpose.  Our work in the public realm doesn’t end with benches. We design for everyone who spends time on the move outdoors....   It‘s not waste until you waste it September 2020 Can something as common as a litter receptacle be an object of interest? Our answer is that it must be. Even a vessel for “ugly things” can be beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. Its essential role in public spaces gives the litter receptacle a privileged right to express its form. And that is a challenge our designers are glad to accept. Just as with the design of our products, the materials...   Rautster is perfect for picnics big and small June 2020 A banquet al fresco. A spread fit for a king. You don’t need a garden to spend the summer outdoors. All you need is your favorite park and a picnic set by mmcite. Take Rautster for example. Lightweight, elegant, thoughtfully crafted. A picnic set which works anywhere people need refreshments outdoors. The bespoke side-profile gives character to this fusion of table and bench, available in several...   For our little ones June 1, 2020 Playing is one of the most natural facets of human nature, and through our street furniture design, we try and join in. We are designing with everyone in mind: young people, parents with strollers, wheelchair users, elderly people and kids alike. We came up with the new children‘s versions of the popular Woody and Radium benches for the little ones. We are expanding our range of children’s outdoor...   Entirely transparent may 2020 Limpido park bench  The Limpido is a striking, beautiful piece in the mmcité collection. Designed by Roman Vrtiška, a talented and successful designer who won the Czech National Award for Student Design, the Limpido is a one of a kind bench. Its composition includes a series of fine steel rods that have been powder coated and welded together to create a bench with an almost transparent...   Distance: trend or lasting design? may 2020 Quality design stands out Bringing quality design to cities is nothing short of a cultural mission for us. We have benches for a hundred people and for just one. For us, good design and a good product mean the same thing. It has to have good functionality, high build quality, and a form which stirs up your emotions. Beautiful like Helene, comfortable like Rivage, inspirational like Manta. We designed...   When we can´t go out... april 2020  

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