Pixel – playful seating element october 2018 Imagine a playful mosaic of square modules arranged in any shape you could dream up. Symmetrical, regular, and totally irregular patterns will breathe new life into public spaces. You could experiment with the orientation of the wooden lamellas in the wood’s natural hues, or alternately go for more colourful displays. You could create simple, subtle, monochromatic forms, or you can take part in a...   mmcité at the 2018 ASLA 20–21 October 2018 Come and join us at the American Society of Landscape Architects’ 2018 expo in Philadelphia, where we are presenting a stand loaded with smart street furniture. Discover old favourite designs with brand-new features, and let us show you our latest premium product, the Landscape compact bench, which we are launching at this event. Landscape compact’s clean form and naturalness bring a...   mmcité7 supports student seating element design competition september 2018 The Environmental Design Archives at the University of California, Berkeley is hosting student seating element design competition and mmcité, as an experienced producer of street furniture, cannot miss the opportunity to be a part of it! We have decided to sponsor this year´s competition and we want to move the design submitted by the students even further beyond the limits. David Karásek, co-founder...   We have a colourful array of new products for 2018–19 on display at GaLaBau! 12–15 September, 2018 We have forged partnerships with a number of places and events to build up our presence on the market. One where we regularly take part is the international trade fair GaLaBau, which this year takes place from 12–15 September in Nuremberg. Aside from buildings, the trade fair is also aimed at urban green spaces and public spaces, and visitors come in droves from fields such us construction,...   Blocq picnic set august 2018 The Blocq picnic set is a new addition to the successful Blocq bench range. It is designed around a solid block of striking proportions with sharp points at its base, joining a sturdy table with two benches, and is sufficiently heavy not to require any anchoring. It is made from a monochrome steel structure and tropical hardwood lamellas. Each bench is 3 metres long and 8–12 people can sit around...   eBlocq – the smart bench february 2018 Park bench with integrated six lockable boxes follows the successful design range blocq. eBlocq is not unsightly storage but rather seating element with extended functions. The clever and great design is based on smart cities concept. It will be handy for those who use electric bicycles for their everyday errands in the city while it will serve as an ordinary bench for others. Supporting e-mobility,...   mmcité11 Sponsor and Exhibitor at Smart Cities 2018 1st February 2018 Smart City is a concept of utilization of digital, information and communication technologies in public spaces with focus on improving quality of life and wellbeing. An intelligent city promotes modern lifestyle to its people and businesses. Smart public space is safer and more interactive. mmcité11 will present its smartcite concept with bench Blocq. The bench is equipped with accessories such...  

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