Bucharest comes to life thanks to mmcité Promenada Mall The newest shopping centre in the Romanian capital can pride itself on specially shaped benches. Those were designed by Romanian architectural studio B23T entirely just for the roof terrace of the Promenada Mall centre. In cooperation with architects the mmcité made the benches for this shopping centre. It was not an easy task because it was necessary to work very precisely with rounded walls,...   A small square in Vysocina Vera, Vera Solo a Arboturra on the scene Zdar nad Sazavou is one of the cities that greatly suffered very rough reconstructions at the time of communism. The main square of the city was cut across by a through traffic communication and along it there have grown a lot of difficult-to-define buildings of very low level, which now create the entire Eastern part of the square. Havlickovo Square is also affected by the reconstruction and the architects...   Under the plane trees in Lyon preva urbana at the Place Aristide Briand The Preva Urbana benches, known for their very pleasant ergonomics, were selected in their whole-steel version for the park at the Place Aristide Briand in the centre of Lyon. The combination of dark toned transparent steel construction with beautiful, typically French plane trees, looks really splendid. If you plan to visit any of the renowned wine-producing sites or to see the famous building...   Promenade around the lake mmcité in Dubai Our benches find their home even under the hot sun of the Arabian Peninsula. In the Jumeriah Lake Tower project in Dubai, there are the robust Brunea benches, the Diagonal baskets and the Donat poles. Extreme temperatures and the permanent heat of the sun leave no mark on the surface of the product; the mmcité quality is apparent even here. Benches are the only and so more important fixtures of the...   Urban furniture around the square part of a project awarded the National Prize for Architecture The long-planned reconstruction of Freedom Street (Třída Svobody) in Cheb was realized with a major contribution by mmcité. Architects from the A69 studio chose a whole range of products from the mmcité catalogue – Elias columns, Lotlimit railings and bike stands, Egero cylindrical billboards, Info information showcases, and especially Limpido benches and chairs.Continuing from the beautiful,...   A green roof shelters passengers in Zaragoza mmcité furnishes another tram line in Spain, this time in Zaragoza mmcité was given the challenging task of providing shelters and other equipment for a new tram line, and after a complicated project full of “unsolvable” problems, the shelters are now installed. The design, based on large, clean surface areas with two light poles and a roof planted with grass, is the work of Iñaki Alday, a professor of architecture at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville,...   White canvas in Águilas Furniture from mmcité added to concert and congress hall from Estudio Barozzi Veiga A white cube evoking the supernatural landed on the embankment of the city of Águilas in the south of Spain. And the society making it is mmcité. One of the most exciting architectural projects in contemporary Spain is quoted in all frontpage media and has begun to find it way to local residents. Architect Veiga says about the form selected, “The project is a natural response to different stimuli...  

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