The charm of our Austrian projects

Playing with the public realm all over Austria

We are bringing quality design to the public spaces of Austrian cities. mmcité10, our Austrian branch in Vienna, are teaming up with architects and developers to create public spaces filled with fascinating projects involving architectural diversity, innovative renovations, city squares and even historical buildings. Be inspired by our successful projects in the nation of picturesque landscapes and rich culture.

Neunkirchen, Lower Austria

Outdoor spaces have to meet certain parameters in order for people to feel comfortable in spending their free time outside. We have equipped the area around the regional hospital in Neunkirchen with Vera park benches fitted with armrests and backrests. Some of these benches were supplied as a set, supplemented by Vera solo tables and also some uncoventional semicircular benches were added. The whole outdoor space is enriched by bicycle shelters with stands from Edge and Edgetyre collections which add a bit of elegance to the place.

Sonnwendviertel, Vienna

Sonnwendviertel is a quarter of Vienna where you can find apartment complexes, a school campus, an expansive park, office buildings and a retail park. During the whole time of its building (on the area of seven hectares), the architects strived to provide for everyday needs of local residents. Even the street furniture plays a very significant role here. Grassy spaces are equipped with Rivage sun loungers to create an oasis of relaxation. Portiqoa bench arrangements paired with Tably picnic tables, and some playground elements create an ideal public space for all residents.

Mattsee, Salzburg

A comparatively inconspicuous project in the Austrian town of Mattsee shows a perfect implementation of the otherwise unwieldy Landscape bench which accents its graceful surroundings. Note how seamlessly the bench fits into the environment, creating perfect harmony. Its long lines and a strong structure takes nothing away from the local atmosphere but actually underlines its surroundings.

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