Enjoy the autumn relaxing on Rivage A new product category – chaise lounge for public realm Simple steel frame of strong and elegant profile supporting lamellas made of solid wood. It is a great supplement to seating elements for outdoor space where people relax. Parks, public gardens, embankments, relaxation areas of public campuses, terraces of hotels. All these places can be now enriched with this element, either firmly anchored to the ground or mobile, without being anchored....   mmcité as a part of BIG´s project Portiqoa bench complements an outdoor space of 8 House Ørestad district in the south of Copenhagen is world-famous for its residential complex 8 House of Architectural studio BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group), which is located close to the water canal. The residential complex is known for its unique unconventional shape. The building imitates the shape of number eight. To gain more sunlight and to prevent one side of the house shading the other one, the...   Litter bin Better Better – massive, heavy and high-volume litter bin, but on the contrary simply elegant element for public space Robust high-volume litter bin does not necessarily look monstrous. Thanks to sophisticated shaping, the organically modelled body with strong lines has been created. Distinctive upper edge indicates an inserted liner. Bottom legs increase the overall stability, allow water drainage and make the installation on uneven surface easier.   mmcité in Basel  Chairs as street furniture Basel, a historical city located between France and Germany where the river Rhine runs wild. Local association of traders came up with an interesting idea – each shop to be equipped with mobile street furniture meeting one corporate design. Robust chairs that make the outdoor life of local people more comfortable are placed outdoors only during the opening hours and moved back to the shops in the...   The most favourite bench by mmcité The Vera bench has already appeared in hundreds of projects in thirty countries of the world Budapest, Paris, New Jersey, Nashville, Los Angeles, Toronto, Belfast, Zaragoza, Abu Dhabi, Prague, Cracow, Katowice, Bratislava, Dubai, Rio de Janeiro, Madrid, Stockholm, Edgewater We are introducing our most favourite bench, the Vera bench, that has proved its aesthetic and functional qualities in hundreds of projects in thirty countries...   Construqta: Sophisticated beauty of concrete We present a new concrete bench made of noble UHPC concrete We present Construqta – new concrete bench inspire by one of the fundamental construction elements – the truss beam. The concept absorbs its most natural engineering beauty and transforms it into the landscape architecture. Symmetrical play of definite inclines and right-angled sides adds the distinguishing look to this otherwise simple cuboid. Small integrated legs onto the bottom slightly...   Benches by mmcité in Philadelphia Another park by James Corner, the famous landscape architect, celebrates the successful accomplishment and mmcité is a part of it What does the author of famous New York High Line have in common with mmcité? The answer is simple –  another park; in Philadelphia.This project by James Corner is considered as an extra-ordinary landscape work-of-art. Modern park in the heart of Navy Yard Corporate Centre with unique circular ground plan naturally connects the original surroundings with urban potential of the extending city....  

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