Finding inspiration in our latest projects from the Czech Republic

Good design isn‘t for a gallery – it‘s for life

For all of us at mmcité, street furniture must be both functional and beautiful. Our work is based on carefully selected, proven materials and quality design. We create with love for our public spaces. We are not only a supplier of quality pieces of street furniture, but also a partner to all those who wish to make something extraordinary out of public space. Mayors of towns and cities big or small, in the mountains or on the coast, architects from small teams or huge firms, building companies of local reach or multinational - we are calling on everyone. The finished project is the goal. Let us share some of these projects with you:

New pavilion at Mníšek pod Brdy Primary School

This new pavilion sprung to life in response to the need to create more space at the local primary school for outdoor classes and break times. At the same time, the local municipality was lacking a suitable space for holding community and cultural events. This multifunctional building, designed by Grido, fulfills all these criteria. Your attention is grabbed first and foremost by the wooden slats on the external facade, and natural accents are tastefully added via our Miela benches.

Amos – a new primary school in Dolní Jirčany

This building project has created a brand new primary school for a small town just outside the capital, which in recent years has seen a large influx of young families. The huge project stands up to the most cutting-edge developments in both teaching and school design concepts. Here, too, the facade incorporates wood, and its vertical lines are smartly accentuated by our Woody benches. Eating and playing outdoors is facilitated by our popular Bistrot range of tables and stools. And don‘t forget our Lot and Lotlimit bollards, drinking fountains, bicycle stands, litter bins and tree surrounds either.

Restoring the Luhačovice Spa Colonnade

Spa towns have their unique magic. Aiding in revitalization has always been a dream for us, so being a part of this project was an honor. Connecting to Luhačovice‘s historical elements while achieving maximum comfort for present-day visitors made the restoration project a great success. The functionalist building by Czech architect Oskar Poříska is a cultural heritage site in the Czech Republic and hides the precious source of Vincentka mineral water. Spa guests can taste the water‘s healing powers in comfort on newly installed Preva Urbana benches.

At present we have representatives in 37 countries worldwide, and alongside our original base in the Czech Republic, we offer our studio, mmcité design, led by David Karásek, who works with leading Czech and international designers. 

We believe in improving public space through quality design.

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