Inspiration from Hungary

Historical cities in a modern light

First stop: Székesfehérvár

This city of around a hundred thousand people on the way to Lake Balaton has a privileged place in Hungarian history as the place of coronation for Hungarian kings. Today it is more famous for Ikarus buses, which are manufactured here, and for its colorful, chiming astronomical clock, thanks to which the local clockmaker’s house has become a new attraction for the city. Restoring the glory of the city, attracting visitors and, above all, enhancing quality of life became the goals of project Fő utca. The multi-year renovation has brought the historic city center a fresh, modern complexion. Where buses once drove is now a place for young families to walk, and the public space is adorned with fountains, newly planted flowerbeds, trees, and unique lighting installed directly into the paving. Prax litter bins by mmcité have been added with bespoke HPL decors, as well as 47 Vera and Vera Solo benches. We are proud that people can relax there and take in the beauty of “new” Székesfehérvár.

Second stop: Budapest

Another place to undergo a highly successful renovation was an industrial hall on Lomb Street, Budapest. Architects Péter Gereben and Balázs Marián tapped into the original industrial atmosphere and structure of the property, while creating office spaces equipped for the demands of the 21st century. High ceilings, large glass areas, and a combination of black and white accents offer inspiring surroundings with an area of 5,000 m2. The name ‘Ferrum’, a new façade with an extension made of corten steel, and an original navigation system inside the building playing on the periodic table, hark back to the industrial origins of Budapest’s District XIII, where the offices are located. In the courtyard, what was once a car park has been transformed into a refreshing garden incorporating our Pin shelters and backless Vera benches, which accent the lawns and flowerbeds characteristic of this green space.

Third stop: under the eagle’s perch in Tatabánya

The city of Tatabánya lies in the north of Hungary and is most famous for its bronze statue of Turul, the mythical bird who legend says led the Magyars to the Carpathian basin. The eagle can be seen from afar, being the largest bird statue in central Europe. Its creator was sculptor Gyula Donáth, and its wingspan stretches almost 15 meters. This beloved destination has gained a new visitor center with a sprawling park, where three new educational trails and numerous modern camping and picnic sites have been established. Our Hungarian branch of mmcité supplied 35 comfortable Miela benches and 15 Diagonal litter bins, along with navigational signposting, to make this beautiful site a relaxing place to spend time outdoors.

We cherish our cities, so we strive to make them more beautiful, wherever they are.

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