Win a Blocq bench and Fujifilm camera

There is nothing like making art with your own two hands. Turn off your screens and turn on your imagination.
We want to invite you to harness your creativity, spend some time in nature, and create art. 

Introducing #BlocqInTheWild Challenge:

We challenge you to cut out this figure and mold it into a recreation of our iconic Blocq bench. 
Take a photograph of it in a creative scene in nature. For example, maybe your paper Blocq bench is sinking into the white sand of a Floridian beach, or it is perched atop a snowy mountain cliff in Vermont (the camera angles can do the trick for you!)

We will select one grand prize winner to receive their very own Blocq bench AND a FUJIFILM X100V camera.

Here’s how to win: 
1.    Follow @mmcite_northamerica
2.    Upload your photo to Instagram, use the hashtag #BlocqInTheWild, and tag us in the photo

Good luck, have fun, and let your imagination run wild! 


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