Kommunalmesse Oberwart 12–13. June 2014, stand 146 Let us pleasure to invite you to visit our stand at the exhibition Kommunalmesse in Oberwart, which takes place in the context of the 61st annual Days of Austrian municipalities.Looking forward to You the team of the Austrian branch mmcité 10th.   Even street furniture can be chic and élégant 2014 In the picturesque town of Sablé-sur-Sarthe, located a few kilometres from the world-renown Le Mans, just in front of a historic train station there is a small park. The park is full of Vera Solo benches. The dark grey steel grids with their minimalistic design contrast sharply with the shining bright white of the surrounding concrete tiles. Flowers blooming in pots remind us that rural train...   Landscape April 2014 Bench as a landscape element. Long straight and wavy lines drawn by a lengthwise divided strip of wood. Palisade of the backrest as a counterpoint which disappears behind a recessed seat. Distinctive side profile defines the silhouette. One-sided or double-sided bench without backrest, bench with a taller elevated backrest and other features make this an extraordinary range of seating elements,...   Bucharest comes to life thanks to mmcité march 2014 The newest shopping centre in the Romanian capital can pride itself on specially shaped benches. Those were designed by Romanian architectural studio B23T entirely just for the roof terrace of the Promenada Mall centre. In cooperation with architects the mmcité made the benches for this shopping centre. It was not an easy task because it was necessary to work very precisely with rounded walls,...   Eclipe 2014 Shape of the ellipse determines the soft character of the bin volume either in the version with or without a roof. The body of the bin is carried by the central leg or lies on uncompromising steel plate reminding a knife edge. Both variants of anchoring facilitate installation in steep terrain, allowing high-quality paving of an area and reducing maintenance under the bin. The range is complemented...   mmcité in the land of the thousand lakes 13th–15th November 2013 Finland has a great tradition in good design and architecture; therefore it’s no wonder mmcité will be represented in Finland. The Lehtovuori family company has connected its name with mmcité and they chose the Real Estate 2013 Fair in Helsinky for their first representation. Finnish architects and customers will be able to see the best of mmcité there. Among others there will be Vera, Miela,...   mmcité at the ASLA 2013 fair 15th and 18th November 2013 mmcité is bringing its true delicacies to the annual session and fair of the American Association of Landscape Architects (ASLA) 2013 in Boston. Booth of our American distributor Modern Design & Site Furnishings is going to be way bigger than last year. We also want to present an interesting premiere. Visitors will be able to see both of our hottest novelties of this year at one spot.These are...  

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