mmcite awarded with Good Design 2016 february 2017 We are delighted to share with you our joy of awards obtained for three products from the range of our street furniture. GOOD DESIGN is prestigious and respected worldwide competition which for more than sixty years evaluates design and innovation, as well as sustainability of the products. The competition follows the brand itself and hence three awards for our products from our wide...   The most favourite bench by mmcité january 2017  Budapest, Paris, New Jersey, Nashville, Los Angeles, Toronto, Belfast, Zaragoza, Abu Dhabi, Prague, Cracow, Katowice, Bratislava, Dubai, Rio de Janeiro, Madrid, Stockholm, Edgewater We are introducing our most favourite bench, the Vera bench, that has proved its aesthetic and functional qualities in hundreds of projects in thirty countries...   Construqta: Sophisticated beauty of concrete november 2016 We present Construqta – new concrete bench inspire by one of the fundamental construction elements – the truss beam. The concept absorbs its most natural engineering beauty and transforms it into the landscape architecture. Symmetrical play of definite inclines and right-angled sides adds the distinguishing look to this otherwise simple cuboid. Small integrated legs onto the bottom slightly...   mmcité social October 2016 The wooden cut-offs from the manufacture of benches and other street furniture do not have any use for further production. The benches are made of high quality wood resistant to extreme weather conditions and therefore we wanted to make a good use of left over material. The idea of mmcité social project has been brought to life – a new concept of original presents which are designed by...   Benches by mmcité in Philadelphia October 2016 What does the author of famous New York High Line have in common with mmcité? The answer is simple –  another park; in Philadelphia.This project by James Corner is considered as an extra-ordinary landscape work-of-art. Modern park in the heart of Navy Yard Corporate Centre with unique circular ground plan naturally connects the original surroundings with urban potential of the extending city....   We invite you to GaLaBau 2016 in Nuremberg September 14–17, 2016 It is already for the 22nd time the important international GaLaBau trade fair for urban green and design in public realm takes place. From 14th to 17th September the whole Nuremberg exhibition centre will be a source of information on products and trends in green design and mmcité will not miss this opportunity indeed. We will introduce our new products as well as our best-sellers. You can look forward...   Woody Benches in Dijon august 2016 Let´s wander around the sights, enjoy the French wine from Côte-d'Or or ride the bike along the Burgundy canal bank in an atmosphere reminding the French countryside. During the ride in Fontaine d´Ouche Dijon district with recently reconstructed pedestrian paths you can pull over and rest on our Woody benches or large chaise lounges. The benches with massive seat, inspired by the aesthetics of stored...  

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