Playful design by Out-sider! May 15, 2019 Alongside our own pieces, our portfolio features products by Out-sider – the Danish brand bringing Scandinavian design and timeless urban style to the public realm. They design multifunctional products for all ages, divided into four ranges: SIT & STAY An array of sets, including benches with a HPL and steel structure, and all-in-one seating and table units made of polyethylene,...   Landscape compact february 2019 A system of seating elements expanding our Landscape range, featuring a bold side profile and the classic gap between seat and backrest for a minimalist form. Each individual Landscape compact module can be combined to form unique long seats with a mix of straight and curved sections, or you could even use them as individual benches and seats in their standard sizes. Galvanized powder-coated steel...   Merry Christmas and happy New Year from the mmcité team december 2018   mmcité represents brand out-sider november 2018 Alongside successful products from our own street furniture range, in our catalogue you will also find products from foreign brands we are proud to represent. We share the same passion for design and the same values, and we are working together in a joint effort to change the face of public space. One of these partners is Danish brand out-sider, one of the largest suppliers of outdoor seating in Scandinavia....   3rd annual form follows x mmcité7 november 19, 2018 We supported the third edition of an annual competition for talented students from the College of Environmental Design at Berkeley to design the best seating system. We were involved in the event not just as the main sponsors, but also as members of the panel of judges in the first round of the competition. The theme of the event tied in with our company philosophy of functional...   Pixel – playful seating element october 2018 Imagine a playful mosaic of square modules arranged in any shape you could dream up. Symmetrical, regular, and totally irregular patterns will breathe new life into public spaces. You could experiment with the orientation of the wooden lamellas in the wood’s natural hues, or alternately go for more colourful displays. You could create simple, subtle, monochromatic forms, or you can take part in a...   mmcité at the 2018 ASLA 20–21 October 2018 Come and join us at the American Society of Landscape Architects’ 2018 expo in Philadelphia, where we are presenting a stand loaded with smart street furniture. Discover old favourite designs with brand-new features, and let us show you our latest premium product, the Landscape compact bench, which we are launching at this event. Landscape compact’s clean form and naturalness bring a...  

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