mmcité at Gallery S.Bensimon in Paris September 2012 On the occasion of Paris Design Week, mmcité is premiering a brand new product. The new Urban Islands product line, from Paris-based designers Lucie Koldová and Dan Yeffet, is being presented at one of the most prestigious Parisian galleries specializing in design, the renowned Gallery S. Bensimon. For this leading producer of urban furniture, presenting its designs in a gallery environment...   Panta Rhei 2012 27 August – 1 September 2012 As in the past, the Panta Rhea international art symposium is taking place in Bílovice with the support of mmcité. The fourth annual symposium begins on Monday 27 August, when five artists begin giving concrete form to their ideas and designed models. All week long artists from Germany, Slovakia and the Czech Republic will be creating their objects, which have the unifying theme – as does the entire...   13th Architecture Biennale in Venice 29 August – 25 November 2012 mmcité supports Czech and Slovak participation in the 13th Architecture Biennale in Venice, which takes place from 29 August to 25 November 2012 in the historical Giardini della Biennale and the Arsenale as well as in other locations throughout the city. Curator and British architect David Chipperfield chose as the main theme of this year’s biennale “Common Ground” – a search for what...   mmcité scoops another award in Spain June 2012 International Association of Public Transportation (UITP) has given the award for the best integration of urban tram line in Zaragoza, Spain to professor of architecture Aldo Iñaki, who worked on the project in collaboration with mmcité.UITP is the international network for public transport authorities and operators, policy decision-makers, scientific institutes and the public transport supply and...   Urban furniture around the square 2012 The long-planned reconstruction of Freedom Street (Třída Svobody) in Cheb was realized with a major contribution by mmcité. Architects from the A69 studio chose a whole range of products from the mmcité catalogue – Elias columns, Lotlimit railings and bike stands, Egero cylindrical billboards, Info information showcases, and especially Limpido benches and chairs.Continuing from the beautiful,...   Give smokers their own space 2012 mmcité offers shelters for smokers to protect them from the wind and weather. The shelters also clearly define the area designated for smoking, and thus also protect nonsmokers. mmcité’s smokers’ shelters are equipped with an ashtray and a practical storage shelf, and the overall design combines contemporary styling with functionality. Do you feel sorry for smokers? Offer them their...   Design Shaker 22 nd March 2012 mmcité cordially invites you to take part in the discussion around the round table at this year's Design Shaker, part of For Furniture, a trade fair of furniture and interior design.Come and join us in the discussion on "New perspectives in contemporary design", which is presumed to be a picturesque hodgepodge presented by famous Czech designers Bořek Šípek and Michal Froněk and comprising of...  

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