mmcité at Milan Design Week 9–14 April 2013 Everyone gathers in Milan! Unsurprisingly, since the best design is to be seen precisely there next week. The collection ‘Table, set yourself!‘ by curator Michael Vasku and Czechdesign has confirmed its success and has been chosen to represent the Czech design at Europe's most prestigious trade fair. Although the vast majority of designer pieces presented in Milan refers to the interior, purely...   mmcité wins the Czech Grand Design 2012! 16th March 2013 On 16 March 2013 the winners of the annual awards of the Academy of Design of the Czech Republic Czech Grand Design 2012 were announced. The jury was composed of many active curators, theoreticians and journalists from the Czech and international design scene. The academy chose winners in the following categories: Designer of the Year – Prize of the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, Fashion...   mmcité in Stuttgart 15–17 March 2013 This time it leads us to the Swabian city of Stuttgart, where over the long weekend of 15–17 March 2013 visitors can daydream and experience Czech design, and much more, for themselves. The exhibition in Stuttgart is part of the Blickfang series of design fairs, which systematically map new trends and have solidified their place on the calendar in German-speaking countries as among the most important...   mmcité doesn’t miss January Maison et Objet 8.–22. Januray 2013 Aftera great success in London last September, the aluminum park benchMiela will be exposed also in post-Christmas Paris at one of the mostimportantfair trades in Europe. Mielaexcels by its refined design as a whole and also in each separatedetail. This charismatic bench profits from the modelled anatomy ofits sideboard castings and is enhanced by the softly shaped upperlamella of the armrest. The...   mmcité has presented its products in Expo Urbano in São Paulo november 2012 mmcité hassuccessfully presented its products in the biggest fair of urbanspaces in Brazil – Expo Urbano in São Paulo. The exhibition tookplace from November 21 to 23 and a broad public appreciated there forexample bicycle stand Meandre, park bench Miela or litter bin Eclipe. Brazil is one of themost attractive markets in the construction industry not only in thecontext of organizing two big sport...   mmcité at BIG 5 5 – 8 November 2012 The Middle East is currently one of the largest building sites in the world – the number and size of construction projects is incredible. It is therefore logical that mmcité, as a leading European designer and supplier of urban furniture, is implementing its products here. The largest construction trade fair in the region – the BIG 5 exhibition in Dubai – is also focusing on street furniture,...   Little Table, Set Yourself! in Copenhagen 9 – 11 November 2012 The Blickfang series of international design fairs continues at its next stop on the weekend of 9–11 November 2012, appearing for the first time in the Danish capital of Copenhagen. This year’s exposition of Czech design, titled “Little Table, Set Yourself!”, reflects the special world of Czech fairy tales, which have captivated viewers throughout the world. The installation, curated by Michael...  

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