Blocq park bench with the premiere on British Isles October 2014 A massive block supported by sharp spikes; particularly this contrast has the best effect in a public space. The effect is emphasized by the generous proportions of the bench. These proportions are even more underlined if several modules are lined up creating long rows. There is monumentally simple backless variant as well as practical and comfortable version with backrest which can be placed...   News from mmcité will be presented in London! 23.–24.9.2014 More original products from mmcité goes on the market. These are Blocq bench and grate design of Diva Solo bench. Blocq with its generous proportions of solid block that is stored on the sharp points on one side, Diva Solo in full metal grate steel or stainless steel with a finely shaped body on the other side. Visitors can see these and other mmcité products at the Landscape London...   mmcité products at the GaLaBau fair 17.–20.9. 2014 GaLaBau Fair in Nuremberg welcomes visitors and fans from 17th – 20th September 2014 and will again present a complete offer for planning, construction and garden maintenance, parks and green spaces. Garden and landscape architects, investors from towns and cities, operators of golf courses and many other professionals and the general public can see selected designed pieces of street furniture...   Benches with a view of the ocean 2014 One of the most beautiful promenades of Brazil, Orla da Barra in Salvador, is being renewed under the guidance of the famous architect, Sidney Quintely. 30 km of the coast area in total will be redesigned and the coast should be reshaped up to the end of 2014, from a traffic artery to a rest area for pedestrians and sportsmen. One of the most impressive public areas of Brazil was equipped...   Kommunalmesse Oberwart 12–13. June 2014, stand 146 Let us pleasure to invite you to visit our stand at the exhibition Kommunalmesse in Oberwart, which takes place in the context of the 61st annual Days of Austrian municipalities.Looking forward to You the team of the Austrian branch mmcité 10th.   Even street furniture can be chic and élégant 2014 In the picturesque town of Sablé-sur-Sarthe, located a few kilometres from the world-renown Le Mans, just in front of a historic train station there is a small park. The park is full of Vera Solo benches. The dark grey steel grids with their minimalistic design contrast sharply with the shining bright white of the surrounding concrete tiles. Flowers blooming in pots remind us that rural train...   Landscape April 2014 Bench as a landscape element. Long straight and wavy lines drawn by a lengthwise divided strip of wood. Palisade of the backrest as a counterpoint which disappears behind a recessed seat. Distinctive side profile defines the silhouette. One-sided or double-sided bench without backrest, bench with a taller elevated backrest and other features make this an extraordinary range of seating elements,...  

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