We have a colourful array of new products for 2018–19 on display at GaLaBau!

12–15 September, 2018

We have forged partnerships with a number of places and events to build up our presence on the market. One where we regularly take part is the international trade fair GaLaBau, which this year takes place from 12–15 September in Nuremberg. Aside from buildings, the trade fair is also aimed at urban green spaces and public spaces, and visitors come in droves from fields such us construction, maintenance, building work, landscape architecture, and others from the field of regenerating and redeveloping public places. Thanks to this professionally minded visitorship, we have an opportunity to not only present our latest products at the trade fair, but also to expand our boundaries into new territories to bring the usefulness and functionality of our products a step forward. For the first time ever, the Helene swivel chair from our 2018 portfolio will be presented to the public, and the solar powered Woody Scorpio bench will also be there following its debut in Washington DC this Spring. Other new and improved products that will be on display at GaLaBau include the Better concrete litter bin which now can be fitted with a rain cover, and the elegant Miela bench with resysta slats, or the Rivage park lounger from the Smartcité collection.


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