27. 6. 2017

The concept of Smart Cities is a growing trend lately and mmcité keeps up with the Smarcité range. The real challenge is not a technology per se, but how to design and use it for the real benefit of citizens. We have been thinking how to enrich public realms to manage both, the benefit and high aesthetic value, and we are glad to present new elements to complement our successful products.  LED back-lighting contributes to a completely new visual effect of public realms; the square or park obtain a new face when the night comes. Resistant steel tables integrated into park benches broaden the utilization and provide a place for your laptop or coffee. Unique bicolour coating greatly represents high-level craft and transports the bench into a highly-distinctive element. Since the charged smart phone is needed the most when being in the city, you can get use of the park benches with integrated USB charging any time. The Woody, Blocq, Radium benches and Rivage lounger can be equipped this way.


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