RED DOT Award for Minium

March 2016

Our new litter bin Minium was awarded for its unique design and innovative use of materials by the Red Dot Award judges. The well-regarded award is annually given to the best designs from all over the world. Expert members of jury favoured the smooth, slightly grooved surface of the bin, the soft contours of its almond shaped body, along with the sophisticated design details, variability of anchoring and the unconventionally high-quality materials used for its structure, namely aluminum.

Minimum´s cladding coating consists of wooden lamellas or extruded aluminum profiles, the upper frame and roof are made of aluminum alloy cast. The inner plastic bin is light, but strongly resistant at the same time. “The fact that it was a litter bin that brought this success makes us twice as pleased. Good-quality design is generally considered as something that is intended especially for elites, but we are trying to bring the high-aesthetics into the most common and often omitted elements of public space,” says David Karásek, the lead designer and co-owner of mmcité1.


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