mmcité is now in America

January 2018

After nearly 10 years being on the American market through external distributors, we have decided to set up our own branch in the USA, established as mmcité7 based in Charlotte, North Carolina.
The location has not been chosen by an accident. Charlotte fits well our intention to provide better customer services in any state; no matter if it is West, South or in the midland.  
Modern Design & Site Furnishings (MDSF) company, our current distributor, has successfully established mmcité brand within US and we are glad this cooperation further continues. Our dear friend, Mr. Victor Pais, has become our business consultant and representative for the states of New Jersey, Virginia, Washington DC, Maryland and Colorado.

We are looking forward to even closer cooperation with American architects and other specialists from the community of American landscape architecture.
mmcité specializes in design, development, manufacture and supply of street furniture elements, ranging from waste bins, bollards, park benches to shelters and big canopies. 
We take pride in our original perennially popular design and flexibility in custom solutions to ensure our customers get the very best as we also continue to support young talents by guiding and working with academic sphere.
Even you can contribute to achieve our goals – the American cities can be more beautiful and smarter by implementing just a few small street furniture elements.

Casino architecture

If you are wondering what to do with your property, then you should definitely consider casino architecture. There is a great deal of potential here, and the benefits are numerous. While they will often have a little bit more flashy features and entertainment, they also tend to show state-of-the-art design, and a great number of successful casinos can attest to the fact that casino architecture can actually create for some futuristic developments. In recent years, as many casinos have sprung up all over the world, some spectacular projects have been constructed to showcase casino architecture at its best.

For example, there are a great number of casinos located in places like Las Vegas, Miami, and Atlantic City, but these buildings are actually quite common. However, when it comes to those located in places like Canada, the concept of this type of architecture really has an impact. There are a lot of these casinos, and they are growing steadily, so it makes sense to pay attention to them. The reason why they are popular is because they give off a certain type of style and feel, which can add a certain level of appeal. In addition, this type of design allows for the casinos to be much more open and transparent in nature.

There are a number of different types of casino architecture, but most are based on the use of the public space. This space is the lobby of a casino, as well as the various areas that are found inside of the building. These areas typically have an aesthetic feel, as well as being designed in a way that makes them extremely functional.

These casino lobbies will generally be large and open, so that people who are interested in playing games are able to find the right table without having to worry about getting lost. When designing a casino, you will need to take this into account when creating the design of the lobby. The design of this area will have to take into consideration how many players are going to be in the area at one time. This will also be a consideration for any entertainment areas that you decide to include.

Online casinos design and interface

Some of these gaming facilities will include different areas for a variety of activities. In order to maximize space, you may decide to place one area for games of slots and another for roulette, for instance. The gaming area that is designated for slots, will be designed with larger tables for people to play with, while those used for roulette will likely be smaller and more intimate.

While you can get these unique architecture for a lot less money than you might think, it can make a big difference in the appearance and feel of the room. This type of design can help to establish a sense of style within the space, which can make it look like an upscale home rather than a casino. You should also keep in mind the fact that this kind of architecture will be much more expensive than your typical casino lobby.

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