mmcité is now in America

January 2018

After nearly 10 years being on the American market through external distributors, we have decided to set up our own branch in the USA, established as mmcité7 based in Charlotte, North Carolina.
The location has not been chosen by an accident. Charlotte fits well our intention to provide better customer services in any state; no matter if it is West, South or in the midland.  
Modern Design & Site Furnishings (MDSF) company, our current distributor, has successfully established mmcité brand within US and we are glad this cooperation further continues. Our dear friend, Mr. Victor Pais, has become our business consultant and representative for the states of New Jersey, Virginia, Washington DC, Maryland and Colorado.

We are looking forward to even closer cooperation with American architects and other specialists from the community of American landscape architecture.
mmcité specializes in design, development, manufacture and supply of street furniture elements, ranging from waste bins, bollards, park benches to shelters and big canopies. 
We take pride in our original perennially popular design and flexibility in custom solutions to ensure our customers get the very best as we also continue to support young talents by guiding and working with academic sphere.
Even you can contribute to achieve our goals – the American cities can be more beautiful and smarter by implementing just a few small street furniture elements.


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