mmcite awarded with Good Design 2016

february 2017

We are delighted to share with you our joy of awards obtained for three products from the range of our street furniture. GOOD DESIGN is prestigious and respected worldwide competition which for more than sixty years evaluates design and innovation, as well as sustainability of the products. The competition follows the brand itself and hence three awards for our products from our wide range make us very happy.

Litter bin Minium won RED DOT design award last year and it was successful also in Chicago. The litter bin is interesting primarily for its refined aesthetics of soft shapes and complex details. It is suitable not only for the outdoor public space, but also for all types of public interiors. Backlit two-colour stools from the range of Blocq park benches create a playful atmosphere not only outdoors but they are an interesting seating solution for the public interiors. In this design range you can also find long seats made of solid hardwood connected to sharp angled steel frame. The seats come in backless version as well as in practical and comfortable backed version. Colour combinations and LED backlight will definitely impress. Bench Construqta inspired by clearly defined periodically recurring crossbeam slants is our third award-winning product. More than two and a half meter long bench made of UHPC concrete is an excellent choice for landscape architecture.


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