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November 15 – 18, 2019

ASLA EXPO and Conference on Landscape Architecture, one of the most important and rewarding gatherings of landscape architects in the world, takes place this year in San Diego, California. We are excited to be a part of this event and exhibit some of our latest developments in the street furniture industry. Our mission is to make cities more beautiful and we would like to invite you to check out some of our latest products.

The Rautster picnic set design by Herrmann&Coufal studio has extended its range to include a wall located variant as well as a special option for side entry for wheelchairs or strollers.

Colors and simplicity are the key features of the new Stack collection. Stack can be utilized both in the public realm and in various indoor settings. A range spanning a stackable compact sofa, a comfortable armchair, and practical tables, Stack is available in a choice of wooden lamellas or steel grates.

Our popular Blocq bench, designed by mmcité leading designer David Karásek, now comes in a new variant with an integrated steel table.

We are honored to receive several awards for our work, such as the BIG SEE Product Design awards and WOOD Design Awards 2019, Red Dot and EDIDA for Pixel. This playful mosaic of square modules arranged in any shape you could dream up has impressed not only these highly esteemed institutions but also architects around the globe. Pixel is our answer to no-waste production.

We love the curves of our Landscape Compact benches. A system of seating elements expands our Landscape range, featuring a bold side profile and the classic gap between seat and backrest for a minimalist form. This collection has been praised by the EDIDA and A|N Best of Products Awards.

Our installation for ASLA EXPO is the biggest one we have had so far, as we are passionate about sharing our new creations with you. That is also the reason why we are bringing the Pin – a malleable system creating shelter of all shapes and sizes. The basic square module can accommodate additional panels fitted on all four sides to create square, rectangular, or limitless irregular forms of varying dimensions. The galvanized powder-coated steel structure has a drainage system in the legs and
a net of square forms for integrated LED lighting.

Let’s talk about urban life. We are looking forward to seeing you at booth 3105 in San Diego!


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