For Better Prague

10. september 2015

We cordially invite you to visit the 10th edition of meeting platform for numerous Belgian and international designers DESIGN SEPTEMBER, where mmcité will be presented within the czech section in Prague House too. The exhibiton will present the unique project FOR BETTER CITY in cooperation with the renowned producer of street furniture mmcité lead by designer David Karásek and the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague. There will be already prepared the first street furniture prototypes. 

The students´ final designs are results of half-year professional supervision of designer David Karásek, who as a co-author has participated in working out designs of street furniture by regular consultations. “It was an unique and valuable experience working with young people, who replace their lack of experience with enthusiasm and fresh perspective,“ describes David Karásek. Not only the initiative For better city has revived the debate about the need of new coherent outdoor furniture for the capital city of Prague, but also the public itself. The real shape of benches, litter bins and bus stop shelters representing new „better Prague“ will supply producer mmcité drawing from his long standing experience gained in thousands of projects all over the world. 

Opening cocktail: Thursday 10 September 2015, from 6.30 pm, Exhibition until Wednesday 30 September 2015, Prague House, Brussels


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