mmcité11 – United Crafts of Bohemia

19–22 September 2019

London Design Fair 2019, UK / 19–22 September 2019, Hall 3, Stand 3.02

London Design Festival is a prestigious annual exhibition of innovative international design taking place across London in the form of events and expos such as London Design Fair, where this year we will be taking part for the first time ever. Our latest collection, Stack, will be displayed in the Czech national pavilion in an installation called United Crafts of Bohemia. It is an honour for us to be chosen among the brands representing the Czech Republic from the fields of glasswork, lighting, furniture and modern technology. Stack will be presented to the London public featuring a sofa with a steel structure in light grey and a backrest and seat made of wooden lamellas, armchairs made of steel grilles in pastel green with detachable upholstery, and a white table made of decorative HPL.

If you‘re heading to London this September, come and take a look at our new vision for unanchored furniture in public spaces.

Old Truman Brewery, Hanbury Street, London, E1 6QR


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