Blocq picnic set august 2018 The Blocq picnic set is a new addition to the successful Blocq bench range. It is designed around a solid block of striking proportions with sharp points at its base, joining a sturdy table with two benches, and is sufficiently heavy not to require any anchoring. It is made from a monochrome steel structure and tropical hardwood lamellas. Each bench is 3 metres long and 8–12 people can sit around...   Pinecone gazebo can be anything and everywhere may 2018 Pinecone can be anything – your gazebo in the park, shelter above sandpit or part of your outdoor classroom. Self-supporting dome, inspired by natural patterns, consists of 109 scales layered in seven tiers. Thanks to the position of the scales in each tier the gazebo feels airy and creates comfortable microclimate with perfect acoustics. At the same time it provides shelter from sun,...   mmcité is coming to ICFF NYC 2018 May, 20–23 New York City is not just a city of fashion, but also a centre of architecture and design, and a metropolis mmcité loves to come back to. Just like every year, from 20th-23rd May 2018 the biggest furniture design show in America, the International Contemporary Furniture Fair, will take place in New York City, but this year you will find mmcité there too. ICFF is a prestigious exhibition hosting over...   mmcité celebrates in Washington 12 th May, 2018 The American branch mmcité 7 is one of a few representatives of the Czech design scene that has been honoured to accept the invitation to celebrate 100 years from the formation of the Czechoslovak Republic at the Czech Embassy in Washington, D.C. Following our global mission to introduce street furniture to the whole world, mmcité considers this special event an excellent opportunity to meet...   mmcité at TEXAS ASLA 2018 April 18 – 20, 2018 As every year, Landscape Architects from across the state of Texas gather to attend the annual Texas ASLA Conference and Expo. This year, it will take place in Galveston, TX, starting on 18th until 20th of April 2018 and mmcité cannot miss this opportunity! Our booth #413 in the Galveston Island Convention Center will be easily recognized. Search out the colorful...   Better litter bin wins Good Design january 2018 New year 2018 has started in very successfully for us. We are proud to announce that our concrete high-volume litter bin BETTER has won a 2017 GOOD DESIGN award from The Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design. The jury of distinguished design professionals and leading industry specialists valued not only the design excellence but also our intention to enhance...   mmcité is now in America January 2018 After nearly 10 years being on the American market through external distributors, we have decided to set up our own branch in the USA, established as mmcité7 based in Charlotte, North Carolina. The location has not been chosen by an accident. Charlotte fits well our intention to provide better customer services in any state; no matter if it is West, South or in the midland.   Modern Design...  

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