mmcité7 supports student seating element design competition

september 2108

The Environmental Design Archives at the University of California, Berkeley is hosting student seating element design competition and mmcité, as an experienced producer of street furniture, cannot miss the opportunity to be a part of it! We have decided to sponsor this year´s competition and we want to move the design submitted by the students even further beyond the limits. David Karásek, co-founder and creative director of mmcité1, will attend the event as a member of the jury. 

Furniture design can be a great way to test ideas at a smaller scale and to experiment with different methods and materials. Students will draw inspiration from archival materials relating to The Sea Ranch, a breakthrough example of an environmentally sensitive design that continues to grow in influence and relevance to architects and the public at large. Lawrence Halprin was commissioned in 1962 by Oceanic Properties to develop a master plan for the development of a former sheep ranch situated on a wind-swept scenic ten-mile stretch of northern California coastline located about a hundred miles north of San Francisco. Halprin’s revolutionary plan, built on the idea that human communities should be in harmony with the landscape, attracted many significant architects and designers. This year’s theme connects to mmcité´s design philosophy, that functional, durable, and thoughtful outdoor furniture will connect people to their urban environments.

We are looking forward to meeting the winner of student seating element design competition on 8th November 2018. Stay tuned!


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