EXPO 2015, cultural event of the year

May 1st – October 31st, 2015

Opening of the international event dubbed the Olympics of science, technology and ideas, which is held every five years, EXPO 2015, is around the corner. The host country of this year is Italian Milan, in order to find answers to questions such as securing sufficiency quality resources of food and water to whole population of the planet.

The Czech pavilion designed by architects Chybik and Kristof, presents  in the theme of the exhibition such pavilions as Silent Lab with interactive exhibition Bohemian Forest, Life Laboratory with sculpture of shrike combined with the car showing the simultaneous connection of life with scientific and technological developments and then A Land of Stories and Phantasy which will feature traditional Czech beauty of nature and its gifts.

In the Czech pavilion is the interior with the exterior very gently and sensitive combined. The visitors can relax at the swimming pool with shrike on the RIVAGE coaches from mmcité, which are made in the colors of the Czech tricolor.



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