September 19.–20.9, 2019

How do you free up space for families? How do you balance the modern development of cities with their historical roots? How do today‘s mayors and councils deal with housing shortages? Where on Earth can we find cities which work as a whole to generate electricity without accelerating climate change? What have architects worldwide come up with to enable new ways for inhabitants of all generations to live, work and play together? 

This array of questions, but most of all solutions, experiences and interesting discussions will be raised at the eighth annual reSITE urban planning conference, where mmcité is proud to be a partner.
As a supplier of quality pieces of street furniture, we are ready to team up with all those who want to create something extraordinary out of the public realm - councils of cities of all sizes, from the mountains to the coast, architects from small teams or large committees, building firms with local or international reach. mmcité calls for everyone, the goal is the perfect project. This title of this year‘s conference is „reSITE REGENERATE“, tackling the regeneration of cities and the generations of people who live there. The role of guest curator is being played by American urbanist and journalist Greg Lindsay, and joining him in Prague are leading architects and experts on public spaces from around the globe.

Please accept our invitation to the international reSITE conference on 19–20 September 2019 at Forum Karlín, Pernerova 51, Prague 8.

We cherish our cities, that‘s why we want to make them even better, whereever they may be.


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