Rautster is perfect for picnics big and small

June 2020

Al fresco dining. A spread fit for a king. You don’t need a garden to spend the summer outdoors. All you need is your favourite park and the range of picnic sets from mmcite.

Take Rautster for example. Lightweight, elegant, thoughtfully crafted. A picnic set which works anywhere people need refreshments outdoors. The sculptured side-profile gives character to this fusion of table and bench, available in several choices of material. Classic, durable wooden boards, an indestructible, perforated steel sheet, or a thin panel of high-pressure laminate are all materials which can perfectly stand up to the demands of outdoor diners. Of course, the range is also extremely versatile, with the two-sided model offered in four- and six-seater sizes. The one-sided configuration provides a space-saving option, allowing interesting installations in spots with a view. Rautster also considers the needs of wheelchair users – as a space to park a wheelchair at the end has been created by adapting the side frame. Parents can also make use of this for parking a pram. A new addition to this range comes in the form of Rautster single, reacting to the need to maintain physical distancing while also offering an excellent aid to outdoor classrooms and summer camps, as well as al fresco restaurants.

A popular option is our aptly named Blocq Picnic range.

These picnic tables have generous proportions, particularly when assembled into a long arrangement consisting of multiple modules. The set comes from the successful Blocq bench range and is comprised of a table firmly joined to a pair of benches. It is heavy enough not to require any anchoring. The bench is 3 metres long, and the whole picnic set can comfortably seat 8 to 12 people. In a space, the colourful powder coated steel structure stands out brightly, and comfort is further enhanced by the option to add USB charging units.

Sharing space has never been so easy.


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