It‘s not waste until you waste it

september 2020

Can something as common as a litter bin be an object of interest? Our answer is that it must be. Even a vessel for “ugly things” can be beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. Its essential role in public spaces gives the litter bin a privileged right to express its form. And that is a challenge our designers are glad to accept. Just as with the design of our products, the materials which they are made from are also held to the highest of standards. They consist of carefully selected, proven materials, and the way we use them is economical and eco-friendly. We create with a love for public spaces and our planet as a whole. Let us introduce you to our recycling heroes:

The perfect chameleon. This is Quinbin! 
A new addition to our litter bin line-up. Quinbin is a range of durable products which make use of various materials to change their appearance. The body is available in two styles, the first a clean, slim cylindrical shape, the second a more sophisticated form building from a rounded square base. With sheathing options for a robust model with perforated steel sheets, a contrasting aesthetic featuring wooden lamellas, or precise aluminium with subtle, irregular fluting, there is a full spectrum of possibilities for any kind of public space. The lightweight but durable plastic liner also makes moving and emptying the bin a straightforward task. All shape and material options can be fitted with a lockable rain cover. The latest version of Quinbin features three separate vessels for sorting waste, to offer flexible recycling in a public space.

The recycling bin refined and redefined. This is Multiminium!
The successful Minium range, winner of Red Dot and Good Design Awards, has been expanded in response to the growing demand for sorting waste, giving rise to the Multiminium bin. Slim proportions and an elegant cover make this practical public litter bin into a thing of beauty. Thanks to its efficient functionality, quality design, and sophisticated detailing, you can use this litter bin not just in outdoor spaces, but indoors too.


Ice-cool design. This is Nanuk!
Formally slim and sleek, structurally straightforward, materially diverse – Nanuk is an example of smart design which gives one of our broadest ranges of outdoor litter bins a fresh, attractive look. As a rounded or squared form, its two basic body shapes rest on a single central leg, hence it being named after a Czech word for “popsicle”! A number of material options are available for truly universal usability, such as a cylinder with natural wooden lamellas, an all-metal cuboid protected by galvanised steel, a transparent body of expanded metal, or a smooth HPL shell. The square version can also be fitted with an elegant top covering.

We believe in improving public spaces through quality design, particularly where you would least expect it.

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