Good bye Good year, welcome Good Design!

january 2020

The year 2019 brought us a range of interesting projects, inspirational connections and new products, while mmcité benches provided comfort and relaxation to people further around the world than ever before. We keep looking proudly forwards, but we haven’t forgotten to take stock of the tracks we’ve left behind. Last year was one of prosperity for us; modesty is a big part of who we are, but when we are being celebrated from Prague all the way to Washington DC we can’t help but enjoy it.
Our director and chief designer, David Karásek, has a clear vision for the definition of a good product: “Functional, well made, and with a form which stirs up your emotions.” His outlook is shared by the Chicago Athenaeum, who gave us a 2019 GOOD DESIGN award for not one, but two products: Pixel and Landscape Compact. These awards have been running for almost 70 years, making them not only one of the most prestigious, but also among the most historic awards worldwide in the field of design.
A playful mosaic for grown-up spaces. That’s Pixel – street furniture as a mosaic of square modules arranged into almost any shape. Symmetrical, regular, and even completely irregular patterns make for a brand-new way to liven up a public space. Pixel is also a model example of sustainability and mindful use of resources: it is made from short wooden lamellas left over from the production of larger benches.
A bench as a landscaping element. That’s Landscape Compact – long straight and wavy lines, coloured with a lengthways wooden stripe. The module with a backrest foregoes the normal size of the collection, and this restrained extravagance grabs your attention.
Creating and producing is a team effort. From the very first sketches and brainstorms with designers, right up to the last metal rivet, our products pass through the hands of a long line of people. We are proud of our work, it’s what we live for. It brings us challenges and triumphs, and the triumphs are marked not only by design awards, but also in the business world. The Czech Company of the Year award we scooped in Prague in December was both a great honour and a challenge to go further.

Here’s to more success 2020!


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