Urban furniture around the square

part of a project awarded the National Prize for Architecture

The long-planned reconstruction of Freedom Street (Třída Svobody) in Cheb was realized with a major contribution by mmcité. Architects from the A69 studio chose a whole range of products from the mmcité catalogue – Elias columns, Lotlimit railings and bike stands, Egero cylindrical billboards, Info information showcases, and especially Limpido benches and chairs.
Continuing from the beautiful, historical King George of Poděbrady Square (Náměstí krále Jiřího z Poděbrad) is a long pedestrian zone, which is becoming a truly vibrant centre of the city. Chairs, benches, bike racks and trash bins placed in a loose composition are not just run-of-the-mill urban amenities but are a style-forming element and as a group create one of the most remarkable urban zones in the Czech Republic in recent years.


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