A small square in Vysocina

Vera, Vera Solo a Arboturra on the scene

Zdar nad Sazavou is one of the cities that greatly suffered very rough reconstructions at the time of communism. The main square of the city was cut across by a through traffic communication and along it there have grown a lot of difficult-to-define buildings of very low level, which now create the entire Eastern part of the square. Havlickovo Square is also affected by the reconstruction and the architects were the ones responsible for bringing back the life again to this place. 
Prestigious Brno-situated atelier RAW stands behind the reconstruction of this small square, but very important for urban atmosphere. The centrepiece is made by undecorated ancient fountain, which now liberates itself effectively from forty years old alterations. Street furniture plays a vital role in this process. Curved Vera Solo bench and Arbottura tree grids as well as iconic Vera benches, here show how important design is in terms of the detail bearer of a specific place. Despite a busy street behind and yet small scope of alterations – alterations of the main Republic Square are going to follow – the place has already become very popular.


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