mmcité at the 2018 ASLA

20–21 October 2018

Come and join us at the American Society of Landscape Architects’ 2018 expo in Philadelphia, where we are presenting a stand loaded with smart street furniture. Discover old favourite designs with brand-new features, and let us show you our latest premium product, the Landscape compact bench, which we are launching at this event. Landscape compact’s clean form and naturalness bring
a new dimension to street furniture and its ability to blend-in in a public space. Our colourful and vibrant exhibition will be the definition of smart and beautiful, and you will have the chance not only to look at our furniture, but also to try out all of its functions for yourselves.

The circular Gomez bicycle stand, the retro Bohém table and chair set, the acclaimed Better litter bin with its newly added top raincover, the Pixel seating system, and the outdoor swivel chair Helene are just some of the new products for this year which will be on display at the expo.

The ASLA Annual Meeting and Expo takes place at Pennsylvania Convention Center on 20–21 October 2018. mmcité products can be found at stands 301 and 307.


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