Keep calm and ride on!

september 2020

The need for free and fast movement around cities has led to the development of a network of cycle paths, and, in turn, supplementary furniture. Bicycle racks have become functional sculptures, objects that blend with their surroundings while also giving them a whole new purpose.  Our work in the public realm doesn’t end with benches. We design for everyone who spends time on the move outdoors. Take a closer look at our collection for cyclists:

Even prettier when no one’s around. This is Elk.
The minimalistic design of the Elk bicycle racks plays on the outline of a deformed ellipsis firmly planted on the pavement. Its clean aesthetic makes it easy to incorporate into any project, whether the architecture is historical or contemporary. As if its form wasn’t provocative enough, you can even add color to it. There’s no way you’d overlook Elk - it serves a useful purpose and stands out.


The cycle has closed. This is Gomez.
A bicycle racks in a neat circular form, composed of a pair of materials: a galvanized steel frame on the inside, with an external coating of durable rubber to protect against damage. The no-frills ring, secured to the ground, functions perfectly in any architectural context and in any possible arrangement — be that a standalone installation, in small groups, or in long rows, where the circlular shapes interplay in particularly interesting ways.


Agreeably precise. This is Edgetyre.
A simple bicycle racks with severe geometry and the clear goal of providing quality infrastructure for cyclists. Suitable for use both inside shelters and out, and available in a range of shape options. The upper horizontal element is covered with durable rubber, which protects the finish on bicycles parked there.


Charging, storage, peace of mind. This is eBlocq.
Six lockable boxes are built into the eBlocq bench. There is no ungainly cupboard — in its place is a multifunctional seat. This product embodies the smart cities concept thanks to its sleek and intelligent design. In the city this will come in handy for anyone who needs to sort something out at the office, while serving everyone else equally well as a regular bench. In schools, sports facilities and hotels, it can become an integral part of local e-mobility infrastructure. The Bikeblocq bicycle racks from this range is inclined at the same angle as the legs of the bench. Bikeblocq’s simple frame is completed with a horizontal hardwood element to securely support a bicycle, which can be parked on either side.


Get inspired by our projects. Every detail has been considered, including cyclists and their comfort.

Good design isn’t for a gallery — it’s for life.

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