Dress code: white

4–8 February 2020 2020

They say it takes two to tango, and we agree. Not just for dancing, but also for major events, it’s good to bring a date.
Together with Smekab Citylife, our long term partner and distributor for the Swedish market, we are delighted to invite you to the biggest event in Scandinavian design, the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair. This is the 70th anniversary edition of the fair so we are bringing the best of our products, and to mark the occasion all of them will be coloured an elegant and striking white.
The latest additions, Manta and Stack, are the kind of pieces which respond to the demands placed on public space by modern life with a fresh solution for a combination of work and rest. Manta’s rounded curves echo the movement of imaginary waves, symbolising workflow, while its form provides ample comfort for reading a book or enjoying a coffee. The transition from one horizontal level to another creates multifunctional surfaces, which in tandem create a complex, minimalist object, fulfilling the role of a coffee table, bench or desk. Minimalist but original, that is the new Stack collection in brief. Durable for use in public spaces, but suitable for interior arrangements too. The range comprises a short sofa, a comfortable armchair, practical tables and chairs, all fully stackable, and all of which are available made from either wooden lamellas or steel sheets.
We will also be presenting another new item from our current portfolio, the Rautster picnic set with a bespoke side frame and variety of size options. Traditional, durable wooden boards, an indestructible perforated steel sheet, or a thin panel of HPL are all materials which can fulfil the demands of outdoor diners perfectly.
Sustainability and environmental conservation are not just a marketing slogan for us, they are fundamental pillar of our production process. That is what gave rise to resysta, an extremely long-lasting sun-, water-, frost- and saltwater-proof material made from 60% rice hulls, 22% salt, and 18% mineral oil. Resysta looks like wood, but does away with most of its downsides. It requires almost no maintenance, is resistant to pests and mould, and does not crack. Resysta is already fulfilling the majority of the future’s requirements for environmentally sustainable materials, is made of recycled ingredients, and is fully recyclable. You will be able to take a proper look at this material on the popular Blocq bench.
We are continuing our mission for a more beautiful city. Come to Stockholm to see why you’ll want to join us.


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