Pistachio green in Murcia

New tram line in this city in the south of Spain with equipment from mmcité

Geometrically shaped and fresh green shelters from architects Mirallese (Emilio González Miralles), Yaga (Miguel Ángel Marín Yago) and Beldy (Fuensanta Carmona Belda), developed and supplied by mmcité, have become a clear landmark on tram line 1 in Murcia. The difficult task of the technical development – from details to prime quality production to assembly within a short time – was successfully accomplished and the city of Murcia with almost half a million residents has a new pride. 
The stations were comprehensively equipped with special ventilation showcases, columns and street furniture from the mmcité catalogue – Nanuk waste bins and Radium raised seats. The overall impression of the station is very fine and when the tram painted in the same pistachio shade arrives, the reflection of a modern city is perfect indeed.


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