mmcité deep in the heart of Slovakia

Portiqoa benches and Minium litter bins come to stay at the oldest hotel in the town of Vysoke Tatry

Street furniture has always been a component in all manner of projects, not just super modern, expansive constructions but also historical architecture with all its associated peculiarities. 

One of such projects is the Lomnica Hotel, the oldest hotel in Vysoke Tatry, which seamlessly blends tradition, history and art with modern amenities. We fully get the feel of this place, and so we have supplemented the expansive accommodation complex with elegant Portiqoa benches, which can be found on the hotel terrace, while visitors can also relax on the comfortable Diva Solo benches scattered throughout the outdoor area. The hotel grounds are equipped with critically acclaimed Minium litter bins, recipients of Red Dot and GOOD DESIGN awards.

We strongly recommend going for a long weekend at one of the most beautiful and ancient national parks in Slovakia to take in the endless views, and why not take them in from one of our benches?


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