A hundred year old trees ringed with benches

mmcité benches appear in many parts of the world and often in very different types of public spaces – in modern Dubai as well as in an ancient abbey. Two curved benches of Vera solo range forming a gentle ring around a hundred year old Ginkgo and lime tree are now a significant part of the Austrian Kremsmünster Abbey area founded as early as in 777. The installation of the benches was carried out under special conditions and was supervised by a tree surgeon. To fix the legs of the benches carefully while protecting the dense and knotty roots of the old trees was the most important goal of this project.

Vera solo benches follow the successful range of the most popular Vera benches that have been involved in more than 100 projects all over the world. Neat and minimalistic design of Vera solo range is based on two fundamental elements – T-shaped legs and a seat made of massive wood. The set can be assembled not only into the shape of a circle, selected for the Kremsmünster Abbey but it can also form an oval and regular or irregular curved bench.


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