Even street furniture can be chic and élégant

Sable sur Sarthe

In the picturesque town of Sablé-sur-Sarthe, located a few kilometres from the world-renown Le Mans, just in front of a historic train station there is a small park. The park is full of Vera Solo benches. The dark grey steel grids with their minimalistic design contrast sharply with the shining bright white of the surrounding concrete tiles. Flowers blooming in pots remind us that rural train stations have many things in common all over the world. The high-quality street furniture, well-kept shrubs and full-grown trees demonstrate that passengers deserve civilized setting wherever they go. After the legendary TGV train passes through at an incredible speed, we can cross the railway lines to find more fitly used mmcité products on the other side. There is a bus terminal with 8 two-sided bus shelters built using the Regio wooden supporting system. Revitalizing train station areas and improving rail transport standards is an issue current everywhere. Here, in the valley of the Sarthe River, we can say that the goal has been achieved.


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