Benches with a view of the ocean

mmcité products establish themselves in the public space of Salvador

One of the most beautiful promenades of Brazil, Orla da Barra in Salvador, is being renewed under the guidance of the famous architect, Sidney Quintely. 30 km of the coast area in total will be redesigned and the coast should be reshaped up to the end of 2014, from a traffic artery to a rest area for pedestrians and sportsmen. One of the most impressive public areas of Brazil was equipped with miela benches and diagonal litter bins, which prove every day their resistence to salty and humid climate and also to wasteful handling of the users. The town furnishings from mmcite passed the load test during the recent football championship with an excellent rating. 
The wonderful coastal promenade is available not only for the residents and visitors of Salvador, but once a year the traditional carnival in Rio, the second most important carnival of Brazil, takes place there. Especially for this purpose, the bank anchoring was modified, to remove the benches simpley during the time that the event shall take place.


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