Benches by mmcité in Philadelphia

Another park by James Corner, the famous landscape architect, celebrates the successful accomplishment and mmcité is a part of it

What does the author of famous New York High Line have in common with mmcité? The answer is simple –  another park; in Philadelphia.This project by James Corner is considered as an extra-ordinary landscape work-of-art. Modern park in the heart of Navy Yard Corporate Centre with unique circular ground plan naturally connects the original surroundings with urban potential of the extending city. Apart from Swissbin litterbins, large cross-shaped Vera Solo custom table with benches and Miela park benches, mmcité has supplied also 23 made-to-measure chaise lounges. “The whole concept has been many times changed and redone in accordance with the Corner´s team requirements, however the final result is indeed perfect”, says David Karásek, the owner and main designer of mmcité1 company. The chaise lounges are placed around the periphery of 6-metre wide track which lines the inner part of the park full of flowering meadows, relaxing zones, amphitheatre and fitness equipment.


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