Stainless steel will never disappoint you

July 2015

We love high quality materials and we do love high quality design even more. We know that urban elements have to be resistant to all weather conditions and they are intended to harmonize with the surrounding landscape as well. We constantly seek new possible materials and innovations of our products and aim to set the bar to the higher level in terms of sustainability. Therefore, we have significantly extended our range of products available in stainless steel.

This maintenance-free, durable, and anti-corrosive material enables more precise details contributing to more valuable final effect. Stainless steel accentuates the overal impression of our comfortable Preva Urbana bench, all-stainless steel version of Crystal litter bin makes its elegant geometric silhouette more noticeable, simple Edgetyre bike rack becomes more attractive and favourite Vera bench in stainless steel is getting purer in shape.


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