Playful design by Out-sider!

May 15, 2019

Alongside our own pieces, our portfolio features products by Out-sider – the Danish brand bringing Scandinavian design and timeless urban style to the public realm. They design multifunctional products for all ages, divided into four ranges:

An array of sets, including benches with a HPL and steel structure, and all-in-one seating and table units made of polyethylene, make up the Sit & Stay collection. They allow a great degree of flexibility for seating a large group of people. The functional and stylish collection combines various colours and is made of durable materials that are almost maintenance free.

This is a range of clean, simple cylindrical forms made of polyethylene or high-strength concrete, designed not just for seating, but also for jumping and enticing passers-by to play. Thanks to its variability, individual pieces can be arranged in all kinds of formations. The mobility of the Bollards collection allows you to place pieces on streets or in squares, and some of them can even serve as safety features where traffic control is required.

A playful and colourful line-up comprising varied polyethylene seating elements, which can be made into various geometric forms. The colourful possibilities let these seating elements create a unique environment. The Families range is best suited for use in children‘s playgrounds and schools, where its vibrance makes it an integral part of play.

As the name suggests, this is a collection of illuminated street furniture which serves as both seating and street lighting to help you safely find your way in the dark. The products are either plugged into the mains, or have built in solar powered LED lighting for easy installation anywhere, with no cables required.


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