Woody benches: part of Prague’s timeless 4Blok project

An eco-friendly approach and minimalism as a way of life

That perfectly sums up 4Blok, a new development project in the Vršovice district of Prague, where street furniture by mmcité is an integral part. Located on the site of a former retail complex, the project was designed and built in a simple Scandinavian style with emphasis on environmentally friendly living. Not only are there facilities for charging electric cars, but the lawn is irrigated by rainwater, and low-energy materials were used during construction.

The spacious and timeless style is complimented by numerous Woody benches, which were inspired by the aesthetics of stored lumber and “nature as a principle”. A total of 11 Woody benches can be found here, fitting in seamlessly with their surroundings thanks to a design that goes beyond traditional conventions and keeps pace with the latest trends. The benches are made of a robust hardwood seat standing on subtle legs, giving the impression of a piece of wood floating above the ground.


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