The charm of our Austrian projects Playing with the public realm all over Austria We are bringing quality design to the public spaces of Austrian cities. mmcité10, our Austrian branch in Vienna, are teaming up with architects and developers to create public spaces filled with fascinating projects involving architectural diversity, innovative renovations, city squares and even historical buildings. Be inspired by our successful projects in this nation of picturesque landscapes and...   The story of mmcité in America Our new branch has found its feet in the States For a long time now we have been improving public space far beyond our Czech and European homelands. We are proud that our design is also popular in other continents, that even so far away people appreciate our high quality. In some markets, getting that recognition is especially challenging, and nowhere more so than the USA. After almost a decade of cooperation with our regional partners, at the beginning...   mmcité deep in the heart of Slovakia Portiqoa benches and Minium litter bins come to stay at the oldest hotel in the town of Vysoke Tatry Street furniture has always been a component in all manner of projects, not just super modern, expansive constructions but also historical architecture with all its associated peculiarities.  One of such projects is the Lomnica Hotel, the oldest hotel in Vysoke Tatry, which seamlessly blends tradition, history and art with modern amenities. We fully get the feel of this place, and so we have...   mmcité in the 2018 World Cup A mile long stretch of benches We go on with the Olympic track! After the Olympic Museum in Lausanne and the Olympic Village of Rio de Janeiro, we have become part of another sporting event – the 2018 World Cup, which takes place from 14 June to 15 July 2018 in Russia. For the largest sports stadium in Luzhniki, we manufactured and delivered 15 Portiqoa circular benches, 300 Portiqoa arched benches and 600 portable...   Woody benches: part of Prague’s timeless 4Blok project An eco-friendly approach and minimalism as a way of life That perfectly sums up 4Blok, a new development project in the Vršovice district of Prague, where street furniture by mmcité is an integral part. Located on the site of a former retail complex, the project was designed and built in a simple Scandinavian style with emphasis on environmentally friendly living. Not only are there facilities for charging electric cars, but the lawn is irrigated...   Kremsmünster A hundred year old trees ringed with benches mmcité benches appear in many parts of the world and often in very different types of public spaces – in modern Dubai as well as in an ancient abbey. Two curved benches of Vera solo range forming a gentle ring around a hundred year old Ginkgo and lime tree are now a significant part of the Austrian Kremsmünster Abbey area founded as early as in 777. The installation of the benches was carried...   Enjoy the autumn relaxing on Rivage A new product category – chaise lounge for public realm Simple steel frame of strong and elegant profile supporting lamellas made of solid wood. It is a great supplement to seating elements for outdoor space where people relax. Parks, public gardens, embankments, relaxation areas of public campuses, terraces of hotels. All these places can be now enriched with this element, either firmly anchored to the ground or mobile, without being anchored....  

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