mmcité perfectly harmonizes with Budapest landmark

The complete makeover of Kossuth square near the Hungarian Parliament

The neogotic symbol of Budapest on the bank of the Danube, the Parliament building, became a memorial of significant events of Hungarian history. It is currently one of Europe´s largest and oldest legislative buildings, established with intention of represent the sovereignity of liberated nation. The monumental building is underlined by the recently reconstructed Kossuth square named after the national hero.

mmcité significantly contributed to the project with two hundred Preva Urbana comfortable benches edging green areas and tens of modern design Lotlimit bicycle bollards. Thanks to their essential morphology, they communicate with the surrounding historic  architecture more easily. The site has become more spacious with indispensable details in perfect harmony with such a significant historic sight. 

Thanks to traffic diversion around the square, the site distinguishes itself from surrounding bustle, and thus became a more respectable place for such an eminent building and also pleasant break in otherwise busy city.


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