The most favourite bench by mmcité

january 2017

 Budapest, Paris, New Jersey, Nashville, Los Angeles, Toronto, Belfast, Zaragoza, Abu Dhabi, Prague, Cracow, Katowice, Bratislava, Dubai, Rio de Janeiro, Madrid, Stockholm, Edgewater

We are introducing our most favourite bench, the Vera bench, that has proved its aesthetic and functional qualities in hundreds of projects in thirty countries of the world. The cost-effective bench demonstrates in its wide range that high-end design does not always mean the high price. The durability and strength go hand in hand with shape-purity and an extraordinary lightness. Seat and backrest are made either of massive wooden boards, steel or stainless steel rounds and newly; of thin wooden lamellas. Vera bench has been also added to our Resysta Family including the products of extremely durable and ecological material produced of rice husks; the Resysta.

mmcité aims to enhance the quality of public realms by using environmentally-friendly materials with the aesthetic value retained.


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