mmcité in New York

May 25, 2017

The story of mmcité starts with two young students of design at AAAD in Prague, David Karasek and Radek Hegmon. Even though almost twenty-five years have already passed, both founders still keep in mind the scholastic experience. The result is therefore a long-term cooperation with the alma mater, mainly with Design 3 atelier lead by Jan Nemecek and Michal Fronek from the noteworthy Olgoj Chorchoj studio. It so happened that a few student designs found their way to the official catalogue of mmcité 1 street furniture and you can see them installed all over the world. Roman Vrtiska, Lucie Koldova or Eduard Herrmann are the names that are already established in the design sphere. Come over and listen to a narrative of Academic Reality – company becomes a scholastic environment and students become professionals during the studies.

Thursday, May 25 
Bohemian National Hall
321 E 73rd St, New York, NY


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