Manta – Red for love

May 2020

Great news is coming out of Essen, Germany, in the form of a prestigious Red Dot design award for the multifunctional Manta bench. This unconventional concept for seating in a public space was designed for mmcité by designer Lucie Koldová, who took inspiration for both the form and the name of Manta from the elegant movements of a manta ray.

Manta is the ideal piece of street furniture for the demands of modern life, presenting a fresh solution for a combination of work and rest. The rounded curves echo the movement of imaginary waves, symbolizing a smooth workflow, while the form provides ample comfort for reading a book or enjoying a coffee. The transition from one horizontal level to another creates multifunctional spaces which work in tandem to form a minimalist object that fulfills the roles of a table, bench or work desk.

Manta excels in all kinds of public space, both indoors and out. It livens up large open-plan spaces, entrance halls and wide corridors alike, as well as gardens, small parks, plazas and atria. With Manta you can create a personal oasis of relaxation almost anywhere – it provides a space for focus or relaxation. The product is comprised of a wavy aluminium plate on a subtle steel frame, and thanks to a choice of color combinations, it can blend perfectly with its surroundings. Other material variants are in the pipeline, as well as a set of optional accessories.

Yet more recognition from the professional public came in the form of another honor, this time a 2020 Elle Deco International Design Award, as well as a nomination on the domestic stage at the Czech Grand Design awards.

There‘s nothing more to say than to wish Manta a successful voyage to the world, interesting projects, and satisfied users.


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