Blocq picnic set

august 2018

The Blocq picnic set is a new addition to the successful Blocq bench range. It is designed around a solid block of striking proportions with sharp points at its base, joining a sturdy table with two benches, and is sufficiently heavy not to require any anchoring. It is made from a monochrome steel structure and tropical hardwood lamellas. Each bench is 3 metres long and 8–12 people can sit around a single picnic set. The coloured finish of the steel structure really pops in a public space, and the picnic set can also be fitted with USB charging capabilities.

The global debut of the Blocq picnic set came at Manifesto Market, a pop-up food and culture market on a once forgotten piece of land in central Prague which came about thanks to the reSITE team and a group of gifted young architects. “When you are designing something for a public space, you know full well that you will only know if the work will be a success once you see the new piece in the real world. You get to see how it looks against the sky and how it works with its surroundings.You can’t help but feel nervous, so I was eagerly waiting for this moment. Manifesto Market looks like it truly belongs where it is, and the new Blocq picnic set is the same – it is as if it has been there forever. That is the sort of result I really enjoy.” says art director and owner of mmcité1, David Karásek.


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